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Turn Instagram into a Money Making Machine

Learn how to optimize your profile, create powerful content, use analytics to your advantage, and ultimately make money online.

What You'll Learn

Grow Your Following

Methods to grow your Instagram fast and organically. Everything I did to scale from 0 to 100k followers in 16 weeks and templates you can copy.

Content Creation

Secrets to creating compelling content to increase sales. How to brand yourself in order to completely stand out in an oversaturated market.

Monetize Your Instagram

Techniques I used to make $100,000 in 90 days with NO experience on IG. The exact selling formula to use to make money.

Let's Break It All Down

1.5 hrs of video content teaching you the ways of turning your followings into money-making buyers.

Lifetime access to the course to keep you on track with your growth and revenue goals.

Strategies to beat the ever-changing algorithm and how to use it to your advantage.

Meet Your Instructor

Ariel Adams, better known as The Money Realtor, is a realtor who was able to replace her 9-5 income by monetizing her Instagram. The 26 year old serial entrepreneur aims to teach others how to monetize Instagram in order to grow a following and make a side hustle turn into a full business.

According to Yahoo Finance, Ariel is quoted saying "I like providing value to people and coaching them on how to make money. I advocate for financial literacy and business ownership, so I'm motivated to teach others what I know".

OMG, I want to monetize now!

"I started promoting my online course and I made $12,500 just in pre-orders from those who signed up through Instagram! I wasn’t expecting to get this big of a response in the first day of promoting my course. I was definitely stuck as far as marketing on my Instagram and finding clients so I truly appreciate the information Ariel provided."

Matilda Meades-Cubitt
Interior Designer

"Ariel is AMAZING. She helped me revamp my entire business structure! I invested in her e-book and it literally helped me get to the next level FAST. I am so grateful for you Ariel! If you're thinking about getting it, get it TODAY. I'm making $700 - $1000 daily."

Chance Cessna
Best Selling Author, Founder of Emerge Univeristy

"Ariel helped me make $645 my FIRST WEEK after launching my product. The valuable information she gives is life changing. Marketing and helping others become successful is her gift so when I think about the services she is offering to the world I think of the quote when passion meets purpose."

Christina Reynolds
#1 Real Estate Author on Amazon

Trust me... You Need This

Level up your Instagram and level up your money

Instagram's algorithm is constantly changing and gives a lot of us headaches. Trust me, I went through this. Not getting likes, losing followers, and making zero dollars off of the followers I already had. I decided I wanted to study Instagram and BEAT the algorithm.
That's when I learned the secrets IG doesn't want you to know. The course outlines how to build a page properly in order to scale quickly and organically despite the challenges.
I launched my business page in April 2020. By August, I had 100k followers and made $100,000 in sales by selling through the platform.
I share my blueprint with you because I want to see you be successful. You CAN beat the algorithm. You CAN go viral with the proper content I teach. And you CAN make money through Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily! It's for people who want to a) grow a following in order to sell a product or service and b) those who already have a product or service and want to increase their sales. You do not need to start out with a product or service.

If you implement all the strategies outlined SIMULTANEOUSLY, you will see the best results. It's best to refer back to the course to stay on track.

Yes, the course is helpful to anyone with an Instagram account! All you need is an account and a good work ethic to get started

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